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Learn Top CodeIgniter PHP Framework Courses

CodeIgniter is a powerful and popular PHP framework and it is built for developers who need a very simple and elegant toolkit to build full-featured web applications. I have compiled some best CodeIgniter PHP framework online courses for developers to learn. Look at them below:

PHP CodeIgniter- Learn CodeIgniter :- In this course, you will learn CodeIgniter by building an Application with AJAX/jQuery calls, and styled with twitter bootstrap.

Instructor:  Jesse Boyer
Course Length: 7 hours
Number of Lectures: 45
Number of Students: > 22,00
Rating: 4.7 stars (out of five)

About this course:
  • Understand MVC and know CodeIgniters Process
  • Learn how to setup an entire Application
  • Learn JavaScript Structure, Twitter Bootstrap, jQuery AJAX
  • How to build with CodeIgniter the worlds most popular PHP Framework

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PHP MVC Framework CodeIgniter Tutorial for Beginners Project :- This course teaches you how to use the Most Popular PHP MVC Framework and create the best applications, easily, securely and fast.

Instructor: Edwin Diaz
Course Length: 10.5  hours
Number of Lectures: 125
Number of Students: > 37,00
Rating: 4.5 stars (out of five)

About this course:
  • Learn how to use CodeIgniter
  • Learn how to build Web Applications
  • Understand a new PHP Skill that would increase income

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Practical Understanding of MVC Framework with CodeIgniter :- In this course, you will learn & Understand MVC. Moreover, it will help you to build A Web App With File Upload, Email Attachment, Ecommerce, AJAX Search & PayPal Payment API.

Instructor:  Paul Amissah
Course Length: 22 hours
Number of Lectures: 88
Number of Students: > 75
Rating: 4.9 stars (out of five)

About this course:
  • Understand complete MVC
  • Learn how to apply a PHP MVC Framework
  • Learn how to  create a Web Application With Codeigniter
  • Learn How to use the  Codeigniter PHP Framework and  work Around Most PHP MVC Frameworks

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