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Learn AngularJs Framework Courses Online

AngularJS is a full-featured JavaScript framework that is very popular among web developers. It is perfect for single page applications and easy to learn as well. It is a skill that will surely put you more in demand in the modern web development industry, and make your web development career easier, that’s why it is very  popular and backed by Google. I found some best angularjs courses that you can consider. Look at them below:

Angular 4 (formerly Angular 2) – The Complete Guide – This course will help you to master Angular (both Angular 4 and Angular 2) and build awesome, reactive web apps with the successor of AngularJs.

Instructor:  Maximilian Schwarzmüller
Course Length: 22 hours
Number of Lectures: 329
Number of Students: > 83,000
Rating: 4.7 stars (out of five)

About this course:
  • Learn how to develop modern, complex, responsive and scalable web applications with Angular 4
  • This course makes you fully understand the architecture behind an Angular 4 application and how to use it
  • How to use their gained, deep understanding of the Angular 4 fundamentals to quickly establish themselves as frontend developers
  • Learn how to create single-page applications with on of the most modern JavaScript frameworks out there

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Learn and Understand AngularJS – This course help you to master AngularJS and the JavaScript concepts behind it, design custom directives, and build a single page application.

Instructor:   Anthony Alicea
Course Length: 7 hours
Number of Lectures: 55
Number of Students: > 60,000
Rating: 4.6 stars (out of five)

About this course:
  • In course, you can learn fundamental Javascript concepts that power AngularJS.
  • Learn how to write quicker, better AngularJS code by discovering how AngularJS itself is built.
  • How to become fluent in AngularJS terminology, such as dependency injection, services, directives, transclusion, and more.
  • Understand the power of dependency injection, and how AngularJS accomplishes it.
  • Learn how to design custom directives and save time and energy with easily reusable components.
  • In course, you can understand what a Single Page Application (SPA) is, and how they work.
  • Learn how to build a Single Page Application (SPA) in AngularJS.
  • How to be the coder that explains AngularJS to everyone else, because you understand it better than anyone else.
  • In this course, get new free lectures during 2015, keep up with the development of AngularJS 2.0, and get a MASSIVE discount on a future AngularJS 2.0 course in 2016!

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Angular 4 (Angular 2+) Master Class: Beginner to Advanced – This  course  takes you on a fun and pragmatic journey to master Angular 4 (Angular 2+).

Instructor:   Mosh Hamedani
Course Length: 21 hours
Number of Lectures: 272
Number of Students: > 25,000
Rating: 4.7 stars (out of five)

About this course:
  • Use TypeScript to build Angular apps and build forms with validation
  • Build re-usable components, implement navigation and routing
  • Manipulate the DOM using directives and troubleshoot common errors
  • Format data using pipes, apply best practices and consume HTTP Services
  • Learn how to add authentication and authorization
  • Handle HTTP errors properly,  work with Angular CLI and write clean and maintainable code
  • Build real-time, server-less apps using Firebase and deploy your applications to GitHub Pages, Firebase and Heroku
  • Animate DOM elements using Angular animationsa and build beautiful UIs using Angular Material
  • Write unit and integration tests and implement the Redux architecture

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AngularJS Custom Directives with Dan Wahlin –  This course takes your AngularJS skills to the next level and besides it, you will learn the inner workings of AngularJS and custom directives.

Instructor:   Dan Wahlin
Course Length: 4.5 hours
Number of Lectures: 61
Number of Students: > 400
Rating: 4.8 stars (out of five)

About this course:
  • Learn how to create custom AngularJS directives
  • It explain how the link() function works for DOM manipulation
  • In this course, learn the role of $compile, $interpolate, $eval and more
  • How to create directives that use controllers and templates
  • Understand leverage transclusion for dynamic content
  • This course makes you understand the different options that can be used when creating directives
  • Learn the core features provided by jqLite
  • In this course, understand the compile process in directives including pre and post link functions
  • Understand how to require other directives in a custom directive and explain what isolate scope is and why you would use it
  • In this course, learn how to define and use isolate scope local properties

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