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Learn to Make a Game Prototype in Unreal Engine 4

Want to learn to make a game prototype in Unreal Engine 4? If yes, then you are on right course. This online course teaches students how to make a template for a side scrolling shooter (shmup) game and then further build on this by adding a level of polish to the finished template. Students will learn how  to utilize Blueprints with Unreal Engine 4 as well as some important concepts or ideas which have started being referred to as “Game Feel” or “Juice”.

If you are interested in using UE4 to develop games, learning to program using Blueprints, have a look at a classic arcade style game and learn some important techniques and theories behind making your game stand out from the rest then this course is for you.

Moreover, Instructor has attempted to structure this course in a way that will allow someone who has never used Unreal Engine 4 to follow along and learn to navigate the interface as we progress, thus it is better using your time by avoiding interface specific lectures and allowing the knowledge becoming more quickly ingrained via the practical use of everything that you learn.

After covering some  basic level content and the interface is familiar the course will progress to cover some more in depth concepts behind Blueprinting and programming such as the powerful benefits inheritance can provide, randomization and simple procedural generation.

At the end of this online course you’ll have obtained an understanding of the entire development pipeline required to begin prototyping your own ideas. We will start from an empty project and cover aspects including some of the best ways that you can import and adapt assets such as models and textures, techniques to pull content from other UE4 projects and how to implement audio and particle effects to your game.

Look out some important points you will learn here:

  • How to gain an understanding of Unreal Engine and learn simple – intermediate uses of Blueprints.
  • How to develop an understanding for some preferred game development pipelines and build a polished prototype to flesh out into a full game.
  • How to learn to navigate UE4 interface with hands on experience.
  • An introduction to particle systems and how to applying Audio to a game.
  • How to create your own Game Mode to manage the game logic and program a player controlled character.
  • How to program different enemies and projectile types.

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