10 Best Ways To Promote Blog Post You Need To Learn

After writing a blog post, we have to publish it online. But our work is not done here in fact, the real work starts after publishing the article. After publishing, we have to promote our blog post so that more and more readers can read our post.

Thus, our blog gets traffic and is ranked higher in Google search. Everybody knows about promotion but how it is done is the main question. I will let you know the some very effective ways how to promote a new blog post in order to get huge traffic.

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There are ten best ways to promote blog post and get traffic:

1.Share your blog post on Facebook page:

Facebook is the biggest medium for promoting anything. It is the third most popular website after Google and YouTube. So, it is itself a huge brand because 20 million people visit it every day. When you publish your article, don’t forget to share your post on Facebook Page. First of all, you have to make a Facebook page of your blog or website and share every post there. So more and more people will see your post. Moreover, you can share your blog post on only Facebook too.

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2.Share your blog post on Facebook group: 

Like Facebook page, first create Facebook group in the name of your blog or website and share every post in that group. You may join others groups related to your internet and share your blog post there too. By this way, your every blog post will get good traffic so that your blog will be ranked higher and searched in Google easily.

3.Share your blog post on Twitter:

Like Facebook, Google and YouTube, twitter is very popular social networking site in the world millions of people use it for sharing and promotion. Around 22% users are from United States of America only. So, don’t forget to share your blog post on twitter. But remember one thing that try to share post with popular hashtag always. Creating account on twitter is very simple like Facebook.

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4.Share your blog post on Pinterest: 

Pinterest is not popular like twitter, YouTube and Facebook, but it is very interesting social platform. It is a little bit different from other social networking sites. It is like image sharing social platform. You can share your blog post image with URL link in description. I share my every new blog post on it and get good traffic always.

5.Share your blog post on StumbleUpon:

StumbleUpon is very popular social bookmarking site. Every professional blogger share their post here to get good traffic. Specially, I recommend you to use this platform to promote every new blog post here. People don’t know about this much but it is very helpful if you are new in blogging.  I have been using it since long time and getting huge traffic to my blog. After sharing blog post, few minutes later I start getting traffic to my blog.  

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6.Share your blog post on Digg: 

Digg is another social bookmarking site like StumbleUpon. Its very simple and easy to use. You have to just submit your blog post URL link here. You just need to create account on it, submit your blog post. Every blogger submit their blog post here so don’t miss to submit your blog post here too.

7.Share your blog post on Google plus:

To promote blog post on Google plus is always useful. It is very best social media site in terms of ranking blog post in Google search instantly. And I think it is the best place to promote our blog post. Google plus is the service of Google so, If you use it in right way, you will get the traffic to your blog automatically. You may create your page or group on Google plus like Facebook. If you are on blogger, you may connect your blog to Google plus easily.

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8.Share your blog post on SlideShare:

It is very different document sharing sites and its ranking is very high in Google search. Posting on it is very different and not so easy like others sites, but very valuable. First your convert your blog post in PowerPoint, then upload on Slideshare . If you do like this way, you will get very good traffic to your blog or website.

9.Share your blog post on Instagram: 

Instagram is new and great to promote your blog post. It is image sharing social networking site. You can share image here with hashtags. So first you need to make a very good image of your blog post, and then share on Instagram. It is very unique way to promote blog post.

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10.Share your blog post on YouTube. 

YouTube is the biggest video sharing site and very popular in the world after Google. Video matters a lot than text so to promote blog post, create video of it and upload it on Yoututbe and you will get huge response from it.

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