Amazon SEO: How To Rank Your Products On Top Results?

Amazon SEO: How To Rank Your Products On Top Results? – Amazon is one of the competitive ways to sell your products but the results are always lucrative. Since you are competing with different sellers for your product’s visibility, ranking on the top makes it a big deal. This is exactly where the concept of Amazon SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in.

Understand that 70% of the Amazon shoppers do not go beyond the first page. This literally means that you have to make it on the top results of Amazon SERPs. Now, to get to the top, the key is to comprehend the intricacies and features of how Amazon’s A9 algorithm works.

Amazon search engine optimization is all about cracking the way A9 algorithm functions. If you get this right, no one is going to stop you from ranking your product listings. However, this is a top secret.

But with different experiments and guidelines being posted here and there, many sellers have found the way to rank their products and that’s exactly what you are going to unveil today.

So, let’s get started.

Amazon SEO: Strategies That Work Like Magic In Ranking

Here are some crucial guidelines to follow in order to help your products rank:

  1. Product Title

Your product’s title is one of the most important factors to help you rank. Since it has the biggest impact (can be positive or negative) during a product search, keep it optimized as well as creative is a challenge.

However, when done right, it can do wonders to your selling business. Amazon recommends keeping the title with the following elements:

  •   The brand name
  •   The product line
  •   The feature
  •   The product type
  •   The color and size of the product (if there is any)
  •   The quantity and packaging of the product

Besides adding these elements, there is another vital element you need to add – Keywords. It’s the keywords that get leads the search to your product listing and further, it is the impressive product title that makes a buyer to click and purchase your product. So, both go hand to hand.  

  1. Bullet Points

A product’s features can be best described in bullet points rather than lengthy paragraphs. This not only looks appealing to a buyer’s eyes but also keeps the listing well-organized.

Here’s what you need to follow to optimize this section:

  •   List the key features in bullet points
  •   Keep the list simple, clear, and understandable
  •   Add keywords with good searches
  •   Add keywords that you couldn’t target in the product title
  •   Keep it natural and don’t add the keywords on purpose, as it makes it awkward to read

According to studies, listings with clearly defined features in bullet points showed higher conversions than the listings that were not.

  1. Product Description

Like bullet points, an optimized product description is another vital ranking factor. It impacts visibility and boosts rankings. This is exactly the spot where you can tell about your product loud and clear.

So, here’s exactly what you need to do:

  •   Explain about your brand and the product creatively
  •   Make sure to include important keywords in it to help in indexing
  •   Keep the description engaging

A well-written product copy with a good call-to-action indeed has a huge effect on the conversions.

  1. Product Image

They say that “a picture says a thousand words,” and is very true, especially in an online business. Besides an impressive product title, clear features, and great description, the deciding part is the product’s image.

The moment a shopper lands on your listing page, pictures turn out to be a big influencer, because buyers want to know what exactly they are purchasing. They will definitely want to look at your product in every angle with the ability to zoom-in.

Here’s what Amazon suggests to keep your product images optimized:

  •   Keep the product’s picture clear, taken under a clear lighting
  •   Keep the background of the product’s image white
  •   Set the resolution to 1000 x 1000 pixels
  •   Ensure to enable the zoom function
  •   Add the video (how to use) of your product

This can either make or break the deal. This is the ultimate deciding factor for a potential buyer. Product images plays a key role in both CR and CTR.

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