Learn How to Create a WordPress Blog in one Hour

Creating a WordPress blog is a quick and easy way to write down thoughts relating your interest. It is the best medium to spread your interest and ideas or interests all over the online world. It is a very effective medium for those who love to write. There are many websites where you can create a blog, but WordPress is the best among them, and you can create a free blog on there.

The beginner faces a lot of problems when creating a blog the first time. So, I am here to help you how to create free WordPress blog in one hour or less. It is not the only way to create a blog, but it helps make your content available on Google search.

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First, you need to require a Desktop or Laptop and internet connection for it. The next thing, you need to create an account on WordPress.com. You need to enter a valid email address, create a username and password and write your blog address. If you want to create a free blog, your site name will be yoursitename.WordPress.com.

Think what your blog is going to be about and use that in the URL.  If is a blog where you are going to be sharing your content and you want to help people find you then use your name.  For example yourname.Wordpress.com.

If your blog is going to be about finding monkeys for example, then you would use findingmonkeys.wordpress.com.

After you log in to the WordPress blog, you will see dashboard on the left site of the blog. At the bottom, there will be setting “option” and you need to click on that button. Now you need to set your title of the blog. The title is what appears at the top of your blog and in the title bar of the web browser.  Again either use your name or words to help people find you on Google Search.

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Next, set your tagline that is a quick description of your blog. Again use words that relate to what your blog will be about and what people might be looking for on Google Search

Now comes the email address. That is the email address where you want all of your comment moderation emails sent.

Now set your time zone, your date and time format.

After your are done with these settings, you need to change your theme. By default, your blog uses a standard WordPress theme. But you have the option to choose one from a list of WordPress free themes.

There are a lot of free themes available for WordPress. You can search and install easily one. Pick one you like and then follow the instructions to install it.  Remember the theme you decide on is just to get you started.  If you need to you can change it later.

After you finish installing the theme, you need to click on the customize button on the left side of WordPress site below the dashboard.

You can change the appearance of your blog according to your likes.  You can change the color, the header, and the background.

After customizing your blog, you need to add widgets. It helps you to add tools to your sidebar that connect to information from other sources.  For instance, you can add the Twitter widget which will show all of your recent Twitter posts in your WordPress blog.

The benefits of WordPress blog are to grow your readers worldwide. If your content is very useful or attractive, your audience will visit your site every day. It will help you in being popular in the world. You can earn money from a blog especially if you have good content and attract daily visitors.

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By following above post, you can create a WordPress blog in one hour.

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