Hot Lingerie Thong Sets For Your Erotic & Sensual Look

The dance and entertainment industry grows more every year, and with it, the need for dancers and performers to step their game. No one wants to see bland, plain outfits anymore. Entertainers and clients want the hottest pieces and exotic wear that elevate the performance and show off all the right curves and angles.

This is where Attitude Behavior Clothing comes in. We understand the evolving needs of entertainers in the exotic dance industry, and we handle the heavy load of designing and producing the hottest exotic dancewear. Every single item in our store comes in the best quality and at very affordable pricing.

As a professional exotic dancer, you need to let your clothing and presence talk for you, which is not an easy task. There are specific clothing, even amongst already hot pieces, that will make that statement for you, whether you are new to the job or a seasoned professional. The pieces you wear also need to have the right edge of erotic and sensual, so you really do need to pick wisely.

One very popular design that can do the trick easily is two pieces sets. These display all the parts of your body that you probably didn’t know could be erotic and sensual. Now say your two pieces sets are matching bra thong sets, where you’re showing off enough skin to draw your audience in and keep them salivating but hiding just enough to pick their curiosity and make them want more.
Of course, Attitude Behavior clothing has the hottest matching bra thong sets you could ask for; we aren’t at the top of the exotic dancewear industry for no reason. Trust us with your exotic wear needs and look at some of our thong sets below:

1. Bandeau Thong Set
This sexy two-piece is a bandeau thong set. Both pieces come in a Givenchy print that is stoned with tiny silver studs. The Bandeau top comes with strings at the front that are adjustable for a tighter or looser fit and reveal enough cleavage to tempt even the most conservative man or woman.
The matching thong elevates the entire outfit. It also has shiny studs, but the back straps dip down low in the most erotic and sensual style, designed to immediately attract anyone’s eyes. The shiny studs themselves are the best parts of this unique exotic wear. When the lights come on and focus on you in this thong set, the word sexy would be an insulting understatement.

2. Barely There Set
The Barely There two pieces sets does exactly what its name implies; it convinces your audience that you’re nude, and nothing could be more erotic and sensual than this. This piece is a crystallized version of a mini bikini made with high-grade skin color mesh and decorated with tiny shiny crystals. The halter neck top has clear elastic strings that further the illusion that you only have crystals decorating your skin and nothing else.
The bottom piece is just as sexy as the top, with a high waist, clear strings, and a tiny piece of fabric for the fabric. This exotic wear is one of the hottest pieces you can wear. It is a show-stealer piece and a definite money maker.

3. Pretty Me Set
This Bandeau and thong set is made from high-grade mesh and designed to make you feel comfortable while exuding an effortlessly sexy and erotic aura. In this outfit, you don’t even need to try before you’re the star of the show. The bandeau top is a comfortable, snug fit that has silver studs to direct all eyes to you.
The thong completes the job with clear elastic strings that give the idea that all you’re wearing is the tiny piece of studded crotch fabric, and that is as erotic as it gets. You get to show off those legs, thighs, hips, and feel good while you do it. It also comes in Black, Hot pink, and white, so you have various sexy options.

4. Tropical Beauty Set
This Tropical Beauty set is unrivaled when it comes to sexiness and sensuality. It is made from very comfortable and colorful fabric that provides all the support you need while doing your routine. The Micro bikini top is a crossed halter neck with tiny studs and a colorful elastic string to hold it up and round your body.
The tiny bottom is just as erotic, with a low dipping back and a colorful studded crotch fabric that draws eyes and pockets to your every move. With these matching bra thong sets, you don’t need accessories or much effort because you are the show.

All our pieces, including the thong sets above and the rest on our site, are not just for dancers in the industry; they are also for women and men who want to express themselves and are not afraid to show off what they’ve got. That’s why we are Attitude Behavior Clothing, and we want to see our name represented in all our customers. Take that chance today, buy that exotic dancewear you’ve seen above, and blow people’s minds away.