Samsung Galaxy A51 (2020)- Review & Comparison

Samsung Galaxy A51

This is the current Samsung Galaxy A 51 phone with 6.5 inches display screen.

If you are thinking of getting a good phone then this is a good phone for you because, you will not get this expensive, if you feel this is expensive, then it doesn’t matter. It is expensive but you are also getting its best features.

When you are spending money, add more money and purchase a good thing. This phone will go long time. It is a branded phone. Display screen is also good and the screen glass is strong. It is light weighted and slim dream phone. These side buttons are soft and smooth. Easily we can press. You can see its picture below.

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Brand: Samsung Electronics

Samsung  was established by Lee Byung-chul in 1938. This entered the electronics industry in the 1960 and the construction and shipbuilding industries in the mid-1970. Samsung has increasingly globalized. In particular, its mobile phones and semiconductors have become important source of income.


Its display screen is 6.5 inches, Super Amoled screen. Full touchscreen with fingertips. The screen is of glass strong quality. Will no scratches soon


Finger lock is given in the back side of the phone. It can also be fitted with a face lock.


It has a 48 MP quad camera. In front and back. You can take photos from more distance and selfie is also good. You can also click snap from portrait, landscape and different angles.

If we talk about Video. UHD quality video tone, smooth and stable shots.

Internal storage

Internal Storage is 128 GB. You can also store 512 GB in it with the Samsung microSD card. Safely will be your data store. Neither your phone will hang. In this, you can store 128 GB of data, if you want to do more then you can also do it from Samsung microSD card.


There is a long lasting and full day battery. It will take only 15 minutes to be charged.

 Operating system: Android

Android is a operating system of this mobile phone. It based on the Linux Kernel and its open source software. Apart from mobile phone, it’s also use in the tablets. So that this phone also can be use as a tablet. Android is OS version.

Compare with other Mobile phones: 

It is very good compared to other phones. 6.5 inches is its display screen, storing screen glass. There is an Android version which happens in tablets. There is fingertip security in the back of the phone. The most important thing is that this phone will not hang. 128 GB is its memory storage and 512 GB is required, it is also possible. It has Quad camera. Zoom and clear camera for photo and videos. It is available in three colors view more.

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