The Complete Guide to Blockchain and Bitcoin Fundamentals

Are you interested in learning Blockchain technology and Bitcoin Fundamentals ? If yes then it is the best course for you. This is the course that will make you understand quickly about Blockchain and Bitcoin. You can expand you knowledge about how this technology works. (view full details)

The Complete Guide to Blockchain and Bitcoin Fundamentals

This course is specially for business people who are interested in learning more about how Blockchain and Bitcoin works. But this course is not for web programmers who want to learn how to program Blockchain applications.

->> Course Summary below:-

  • It is created by Udemy Instructorby George Levy – Award winning instructor blockchain, Bitcoin, cryptocurrency
  • It is 2.5 hours long course
  • It has  5 supplemental resources
  • It has 35 lectures
  • More than 6,557 students enrolled in this course already
  • It has 4.7 Rating out of five
  • It is full life time Access course
  • It has 30 day money back guarantee option
  • You will get a completion certificate

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