Top Most Popular Programming Languages in 2020

In recent years, most of the jobs in the world require programming skills and it is growing every day. So, if you want to be part of fast growing and lucrative career, you must learnt any of the top most popular programming languages below:

Python – High Rated Python Courses (view)
Python is currently one of the most popular programming languages. It is a general purpose programming language that was named after the Monty Python. It is very simple, an easy to learn and powerful programming language. Apart from it, It has efficient high level data structures, effective approach to object-oriented programming, elegant syntax and dynamic typing. In simple words, it is an ideal and best language for beginners to learn.

Learn Python Language

Swift – Top Rated Swift Courses (view)
Swift is a new programming language invented by apple. Its used for microOS, iOS, watchOS and tvOS. It has modern features that developers love to work on. Working on Swift  code is very interactive, expressive and fun. Its code is very safe and it produce software that runs fast. Many popular worldwide companies such as LinkedIn, Duolingo and American Airlines are using it.

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JavaScript – High Rated JavaScript Courses (view)
It is also one of the most popular programming languages. Apart from it, It is very powerful language that can be used to add effects to web pages, display pop up messages, and create games with basic functions. Moreover, It is scripting language of the WWW( World Wide Web) and it is build into all major and popular web browsers such as internet explorer, Firefox, and safari.

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Ruby – Top Rated Ruby Courses (view)
Ruby is a general purpose programming language like java and c language. It is used in web programming and rails serves as a framework for the ruby language. Ruby on rails has a lot of qualities including rapid development. It is used from small business to large business enterprises. Many social sites like Twitter, Hulu, and GitHub are using it for at least one of their web applications.

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SQL – High Rated SQL Courses (view)
SQL tops the list as its very powerful and diverse database language. It is very easy to learn. Nowadays, every big and small business, hospitals, banks, universities use database technologies such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Microsoft SQL Server. Every person access to sql anyhow. There are new technologies like android phone and Iphone have access to a SQL database called Sqlite. Apart from it, mobile apps like Google, Skype and Dropbox use it directly. One more important thing is that it is used by web languages such as PHP, Python, Java, ASP and more to build dynamic web applications.

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Java – High Rated Java Courses (view)
It is one of the most popular programming languages used by millions of developers. This language is running on billions of devices all over the world. It’s a language used to develop all the native android apps and it is very popular among the developers. It has long term compatibility with old applications to work into the future.

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C# – High Rated C# Courses (view)
It is called C-Sharp language, developed by Microsoft led by Anders Hejlsberg and runs on the .Net framework. Actually, it is the evolution of C and C++. It is new, simple, safe, modern, general purpose and object oriented languages as compared to other languages.

c basic for beginners

C++ – High Rate C++ Courses (view)
C++ is very important language and it is generally object oriented programming language. It is the modern version of the C language. Bjarne Stroustrup had developed it at bell labs and it was released in 1983. It is the best language to learn for critical applications like twitch game development or video and audio processing.

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PHP – Top Rated PHP Courses (view)
This language is created by Danish Canadian programmer Rasmus Lerdorf in 1994. PHP is a scripting language that runs on server. It is used to make web pages that are written in HTML. Nowadays it is very popular among new programmers as it has so much advanced features. The popular social networking website Facebook is made in this language.

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