Unique handmade jewelry online

My company related to unique handmade jewelry was started in April 2016. I started making items to keep myself busy. But they started stacking up with no home to go too. I decided to open a store to sell all the items I made. I Started with just jewelry, but have expanded to tons of other items. I now carry Hair accessories, pet items, jewelry, and Ornaments. I run my entire store from my facebook page. I believe the biggest reason people come to me is that all my items can be custom ordered to fit your needs. Some examples of how I can make it just for you. I carry I love Football, basketball, baseball, and volleyball key chains. All you do is tell me the name of your favorite team and their team colors.

                          All items I carry are always free to ship to anywhere in the United States. I do offer shipping worldwide with the shipping calculated with the international shipping calculator from USPS. All custom orders are asked to put a small non-refundable deposit down on your items to insure I do not lose money on the items if the order is cancelled for any reason. All items have been handmade by me!

                           I also offer an amazing offer on all purchases. Earn 2 points for every dollar spent on my items. Refer a friend and earn 1 point on all their future purchases. There are also other ways to get points that I post periodically. Every 50 pts = 25% off. Earn 200 points and get any item free of your choosing. Stay up to date on all my newest items by joining me in all the best networking sites. I am at Instagram @sherricain on twitter @sav8269 on tumblr @sav6982 on Google+ @ Orbcam8269 Mom on Linkedin @ Sherri Cain and last but not least on pinterest @ Sherri Cain Vanderpool.

Come visit me and see all my unique handmade jewelry. Thank You. My link is Sherri Cain Vanderpool