A Guide to Natural Language Processing with Deep Learning in Python

Natural Language Processing with Deep Learning in Python(view) course is for everyone whether they are beginner or a good programmer. This is a advanced natural language processing (NLP) course. This course helps us to learn some cool things, like detect spam emails, write poetryspin articles, and group together similar words. It also teaches us not only one but 4 new architectures.

This course is awesome for intermediate deep learning students who are already a little bit familiar with deep learning. Some basics things like gradient descent and calculus are required but it is not very difficult.The instructor has explained Word2Vec, GloVe, and recursive neural networks (RNN) in very good way. He is the best with going into the details and explaining everything step by step.

You will learn the following topics:-

  1. Implement word2vec and Understand.
  2. The CBOW method in word2vec.
  3. The skip-gram method in word2vec.
  4. How the negative sampling optimization will work in word2vec.
  5. Implement and understand GloVe using gradient descent and alternating least squares.
  6. How you will use recurrent neural networks for parts-of-speech tagging.
  7. How you will use recurrent neural networks for named entity recognition.
  8. Implement recursive neural networks for sentiment analysis.
  9. Recursive neural tensor networks for sentiment analysis.

The course is created by Lazy Programmer Inc (Artificial intelligence and machine learning engineer). He is also known as a data scientist and full stack software engineer. He has received his masters degree in computer engineering with a specialization in machine learning.  Moreover, he has taught undergraduate and graduate students in data science, statistics, machine learning, algorithms, calculus, computer graphics, and physics for students attending universities such as Columbia University, NYU, Hunter College, and The New School. With the help of his programming, Multiple companies have got benefit. He also does the back-end (server), frontend (HTML/JS/CSS), and operations/deployment work. Some of the technologies, he has used are: Python, Ruby/Rails, PHP, Bootstrap, jQuery (JavaScript), Backbone, and Angular. He has created 25 courses on udemy so far and he has got 307k plus students with him.

The rating of this course is very good (4.6 of 5 from 4,153 ratings). More than 29k  students have already enrolled in it. You will also  get this course with ten different languages (English, French, Spanish, Italian, Indonesian, German, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian and Thai). This Course reviews are more than 69k which are very good. The course includes 13 hours on demand video, full lifetime access and you can access on mobile and T.V. also.

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