Build 10 Real Life Python Applications

Build 10 Real Life Python Applications (view) – This is the only python course that covers web, database, web scraping, data science, web visualization and image processing. This course is specially designed for developing real life python applications. During this course, you will learn to build 10 real life python applications in web, desktop, database, web scrapping, web mapping, data analysis, interactive web visualization, computer vision for image and video processing, and object oriented programming through out this course. (view full details)

Build 10 Real Life Python Applications

Below is the list of 10 python applications you will build:-

  • A application that generates text patterns
  • A application that blocks access to distracting websites
  • A web map visualizing volcano locations and population data application
  • A portfolio website application
  • A desktop graphical application that interacts with a database
  • A webcam motion detector application
  • A web scraper of property data application
  • An interactive web graph application
  • A database web application to collect data
  • A web service application that converts addresses to coordinates

->> Course Summary :-

  • It is created by Udemy Instructor Ardit Sulce
  • It is 23.5 hours long course
  • It has 17 coding exercises
  • It has 53 articles
  • It has 221 lectures
  • More than 64,082 students enrolled in this course already
  • It has 4.4 Rating out of five
  • It is full life time Access course
  • It has 30 day money back guarantee option
  • You will get a completion certificate

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