Learn React 16 Including React Router 4 and Redux

Learn React 16 Including React Router 4 and Redux (view) – This course is for those students who want to learn how to build reactive and fast web apps, and take your web development skills to the next level. This course will teach you what exactly react is and how you may use it. Moreover, you can go all the way from basic to advanced. (view full details)

Learn React 16 Including React Router 4 and Redux

Inside this course, you will learn React basics like base features, syntax and concepts, output lists, conditional content, styling of React components, Redux from basic to advanced, forms, form validation in React apps, authentication, an introduction to unit testing, an introduction to Next.js, and React app deployment instructions.

->> Course Summary of Learn React 16:-

  • It is created by one of Top Udemy Instructors  Maximilian Schwarzmüller
  • It is 33 hours long course
  • It has 40 articles
  • It has 417 lectures 
  • More than 8,105 students enrolled in this course already
  • It has 4.8 Rating out of five
  • It is full life time Access course
  • It has 30 day money back guarantee option
  • You will get a completion certificate

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