Hand painted glasses and handcrafted goods by DuthieHandicrafts

Duthie Handicrafts is a small family business of hand painted glasses based in rural Scotland, and we love what we do. At Duthie Handicrafts we take plain glasses (wine, mixer, latte, mug, Hi-ball, shots, and pints) and lovingly turn them into works of art to decorate and enhance your kitchen design, or event.

All are hand painted glasses which means every one is unique, and special. In a world where anyone can step into a shop and buy mass produced goods our glassware has character and adds that special personal touch to gifts and creates the perfect atmosphere at events.

We have several design examples which can be painted onto any type of glassware and we are also happy to discuss custom designs and client needs. The inspiration for our designs come from so many different sources from our Scottish heritage, nature and even some of our favorite movies and literature.

Ordering glasses for events serves a duel purpose. You and your guests get a special moment to keep forever but your guests will also recognize and appreciate that you have gone the extra mile to make your event memorable and extra special.
We are comfortable designing glasses for large events or for individual orders and each glass is hand painted.

Wherever you drink and whatever the occasion we have the perfect glassware for you. More information on my facebook page:Duthie Handicrafts