The Difference between Linux and Windows Hosting

Web hosting is a kind of service that allows any organization and individual to submit a website or web page onto the Internet. In other words, it is a kind of business providing the services which are required for the webpage to be viewed on the internet. Lets us discuss Linux and windows hostings below:-

What do you mean by Linux?

Linux is an open source Unix like operating system which is based on kernel. A kernel is basically the heart of the operating system and core as well. It manages all of the hardware and brokers interaction between the hardware devices and programs that are running.  Linux is also usually packaged in a Linux distribution. It was developed for personal computers standing on the Intel architecture. This is the leading operating system on servers. An operating system manages communication between software and hardware. It is a kind of software that sits all of the other software on a computer, receiving requests from those users and relaying these requests to the hardware of the computer.

Many devices such as Android phones, digital storage devices, video recorders, and cameras also run Linux. Companies and individuals choose Linux for their servers because it is secure, and you receive the best support from a large community of users.

How to Start and Run a Web Hosting Business from Home

Linux hosting

Linux hosting is a platform for static and dynamic sites. Those working on WordPress make their websites by using Python programming language, CSS language or MySQL languages, etc.  We can consider these languages as Linux products. If our languages match with Linux then it is better to communicate with each other. This hosting provider offers the best stability, flexibility and top level of security measures to websites. It is always available at affordable prices as compared to windows hosting. Asp and .NET languages do not run on this server.

What do you mean by Window?

A window is a collection of programs known as an operating system built by Microsoft company that provides an interface, known as a Graphical User Interface(GUI). Generally, we all know about it and we install it on our new personal computer and laptop. This operating system makes easier to use computers by providing perceptive menus. It makes possible to run multiple programs at the same time.

Window Hosting

Windows hosting is submitted to websites that are hosted through the Windows operating system. It is widely known for having powerful management, scalability and reliability features, and more. This is also popular for integrating businesses on the internet. It is the service that you should go for if you have a plan of using specific Microsoft applications like-Active Server Pages (ASP) and also have a plan of developing your website with Microsoft FrontPage. MS SQL is very much comfortable with any hosting environment related to the database. This hosting can easily integrate any Microsoft products to websites because millions of users are using Microsoft products. It is the only hosting that can use features like ODBC database connectivity and ColdFusion. Therefore, window hosting is more expensive than Linux hosting.