What is Web Hosting and how does it work for Websites

Web hosting is a kind of service where a company hosts websites for those who are in the business of web development. It is very important as it provides storage space for websites. In other words, we can store our website’s files, data, and information. This information is meant to be accessible through the web. We can buy hosting from companies providing web hosting. These companies have different types of web hosting. These companies rent out their services to their customers for a year or more. Without hosting,  our website has no value because we need storage space where we can store our website’s data. Following is three types of web hosting-

  1. Shared Hosting
  2. Virtual Private Server
  3. Dedicated Server

Shared Hosting is like an apartment. it’s divided by Virtual Private Server (VPS) and 1 Virtual Private Server has many shared hosting. Shared Hosting better for those websites their traffic source between 100 to 1000 on the internet or they just make their new website and want it for the long term. In shared hosting server gets down whenever if another website has much traffic from your’s site that time hosting company stops your’s site for some time. The hosting company doesn’t want that another site gets any effect. This little bit problem comes on it. It is mostly available in reasonable prices than VPS or Dedicated Server.

Virtual Private Server is like a townhome. It’s divided into many parts. This server is better for those sites whose traffic source has 1000 to up. It’s storage space more than shared hosting. The dedicated server is divided into many virtual private servers.

Dedicated Server is like having your own house. It’s not shared with anyone else. It has 128 GB RAM & we can also install processor as our choice. It has a huge storage space like a full box in which different types of virtual private servers. Topmost companies often buy this server. They need more dedicated servers for their websites. Their traffic source is much higher than other websites. For Example- Amazon, Flipkart, Facebook, and other famous sites.

In other words, Web hosting is like our house space. How many people can visit together in the house? If our house is much bigger and we are not sharing with other people or family than it is like a dedicated server.

On another way, If our home has medium space and also sharing with other family members like we provide rooms on rent. This will play the role of the virtual private server.

At last, our house has a similar space but we are still sharing with other family or rooms giving on rent. Then it is like shared hosting.

The one thing is here why we are using hosting on shared and for other, we use server because one each VPS (virtual private server) is divided into many parts so these are on the shared form. We know this by shared hosting and server are in a bigger form. One dedicated server is divided into many virtual private servers. If we talk about a dedicated server then it is a complete server like a full box. it does not come to any partition.

Now, we discuss how we can buy web hosting. There are many sites on the internet from we can buy hosting. When we search on Google by keyword “Web hosting”. You will see many hosting sites like GoDaddy, Bluehost, Hostgator, Siteground, Inmotion, Cloudways, WPX Hosting, Dreamhost, Justhost and many more.

Free hosting is also available on the internet if you search about it. You will find so many free hosting websites. These sites will give you free services. You can sign up one of the websites online and get free hosting. If your website is getting good traffic, it will stop working properly. So, it is a negative thing about free web hosting. The free web hosting is only better for making a new website if you are inexperienced in web development. If you have long term plans in web development, then you should buy hosting from trusted or popular web hosting websites.

Below are some best web hosting websites, I am going to explain:-

Bluehost-Hosting label will show you on the top of the screen. Take the mouse cursor on it then it will show you three types of hosting who we already discussed upon. On shared hosting! it has four types of plans- Basic, Plus, Choice plus, Pro. You will get storage, bandwidth, websites, and performance as per your plan.

On VPS hosting option, it will show you plans- standard, enhanced and ultimate with complete details.

For dedicated server hosting, you can also see plans in standard, enhanced and premium with their benefits. You can sign up any plan for a month.

Hostgator – This site has also monthly plan for web hosting. We say about shared hosting in HostGator. This site has a “Web Hosting” label at the top of the screen. Click on it! it will show you plan’s benefits. It has a hatchling plan, baby plan, and business plan. This site also gives you a discount sometimes. It’s a better thing and you can buy it very easily at an affordable price.

For Virtual Private Server, VPS label is available here, click on it. It will show you plan detail with three different types of benefits. Discount is also in it. If you want to ask anything about the plan then you can call or chat. Solve your Queries and take full knowledge of the plan.

Dedicated Server plan will show you in dedicated label with their benefits. Value server, power server, and enterprise server are available here.

Siteground – Hosting label has four types of hostings. Web hosting, WordPress hosting, Woocommerce hosting and Cloud hosting. These all benefit details are here with essential features, premium features, and geeky features. For dedicated server and many other hosting about you want to get knowledge then go to footer area and all links are available here. These plans are available with good instructions that we can apply easily without any confusion. Otherwise, we want to ask something about the plan then we can clear it by call or chat. They provide good services, always available to help the customers 24 hrs. It has technical craftsmanship for the best technologies, management services, security are also good.

Most customers are satisfied by this site related to their services or hosting plans. This site gets a good rating by customers.